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Step 1

Apply an account at

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Step 2

Under Market Place Section, select BECOME A SELLER , we will get notification and you will need to submit documents upon seller approval process.

Step 3

You need to fill in the form and submit required documents here >>

Step 4

Once your seller account approved, you can subscribe any of our seller plan and start selling :)

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How to Sell?

Step your listing 1: Prepare images and listing description.

Upload 1-2 photo thumbnail (JPEG format) 1000px x 1000px recomendation (white background prefered)

Set competitive price and complete your item listing, here is the video guide:

Step 2: Your product goes live in 24 hours after listing quality checking by our staff. will increase your product exposure via weekly newsletter, banner advertisement & etc. 

Step 3: Orders

You will be notified via email if there are any order placed by buyer.

Step 4: Packing & Delivery

Once you received payment confirmation email, you can pack your item and send it by your courier service.

Seller have to update air way bill number and mark dispatch as a proof of delivery.

Step 5: You receive payment

Once your item delivered with the proof of air way bill number, we will deposit the payment to your bank / Paypal account. This process will be completed within 3 to 5 working days prior to the bank / Paypal efficiency.

Once we transfer the funds to you, an email will be send together with transaction receipt

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