Safety & Monitoring Devices

  • TPMS BLE TP-630 Bluetooth V4.0 Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System External Sensor



      • 4 pcs TPMS used for 12V powers car

      • Display pressure and temperature of each tire sumultaneously.

      • Real-time monitoring tire pressure and temperature

      • High / low pressure, High temperature warning.

      • Wireless data transmission and interference senssor.

  • TPMS BLE TP-620 Tire Pressure Monitoring System External Sensor with Digital LCD Display


      • Self-Install 4 pcs TPMS for easy installation

      • Easy-to-install cigarette plug Digital LCD Display

      • LCD Display are visual and audible warning for tire pressure and temperature

      • Battery of sensor can be replaced and easy to replace

      • Save fuel and reduce emmissions if you have good utilization of this TPMS..

      • Refuce wear & extend tire life

      • 3 Months Local Warranty

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